Official Blade of the Day Walker
Legacy Begins Chp One Movie Poster


S FL Productions   |   The Sales Assassin Promo Video   |   2016  |   Team Legacy Stunts

Dr. Phillips Center   |   Masters of the Martial Arts   |   2018  |   Featuring: Team Legacy


IYBKS + JPL Films   |   Blade of the Day Walker   |   2018  |   Starring: Markus Walton,  Xavier Luo & Jonathan Fields  DOWNLOAD EPK

IYBKS Multi Media Group   |   Equilibrium: Legacy   |   2017  |   Starring: Markus Walton

IYBKS Multi Media Group   |   Post No Bills   |   2017  |   Starring: Jonathan Fields, Chris Campbell & Pierre Edouard

JSAP Media   |   When Dragons Awake: WAR   |   2019  |   Featuring: Phoenix Le Grand, Jonathan Fields & Chris Campbell

IYBKS Multi Media Group   |   Legacy Begins   |   2017  |   Starring: Chris Campbell, Markus Walton, Phoenix Le Grand, Jonathan Fields & Marcus Brimage

Lima Films   |   The Legend of Kung Funk   |   2017  |   Featuring: Phoenix Le Grand & Pierre Edouard

R4 Films   |   Beast: Chronicles of Parker   |   2016  |   Featuring: Phoenix Le Grand

CA Productions   |   Year of the Rat   |   2019  |   Starring: Phoenix Le Grand


Prostreamz Films   |   KingNyne: OOMPA Mini Saga   |   2017  |   Featuring: Team Legacy

 Training & Workshops 

Lost Legacy Systems School of Mixed Martial Arts   |   Traditional Mixed Martial Arts Class: F 6:00-7:30PM,

Sa & Sun 3:00-4:30PM The Zoo Health Club, Lauderhill, FL   |   Shidoshi Le Grand & Sensei Fields

Lost Legacy Kung Fu   |   Kung Fu Tournament + Award Ceremony: Oct 2018   |   34th Generation Shaolin Monk

Shi Yanjun, Shidoshi Le Grand & Sensei Fields

Lost Legacy Systems School of Mixed Martial Arts   |   Fight Choreography & Stunt Skills Seminar, COMING SOON 2019  |   Shidoshi Le Grand , Sensei Fields & Senior members of Team Legacy

 Special Skills 

Team Legacy is highly skilled in the areas of martial arts, stage combat, free-running, parkour, gymnastics, tumbling, weapons, fire arms and action acting. We are also experienced filmmakers, directors, editors, graphic artists, photographers and musicians.

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