Shidoshi Jean Francois “Phoenix” Le Grand is the Founder & Creator of Lost Legacy Systems Traditional Mixed Martial Arts and all systems within it.  Founded in 1998, Lost Legacy Systems is an eclectic system of Martial Art Styles; consisting of elements and concepts from Chinese, Japanese, Korean, African, American and Thai Martial Arts.  Specifically, different forms of Chinese Kung Fu; Japanese Karate, Jiu Jutsu, Ninpo/Ninjustsu and Kobū-jutsu, African Montu Arts and Martial Sciences and Korean Tae Kwon Do. His fusion of five ways of fighting – hands, feet, throwing, grappling and weaponry form into one effective, extreme and innovative Martial Arts system of combat. 


Lost Legacy Systems consists of: Lost Legacy Traditional Mixed Martial Arts, Lost Legacy Kung Fu, Lost Legacy MMA, Lost Legacy AfraKata and Lost Legacy S.T.E.A.L.T.H. Kage Ninpo Ryu.  Lost Legacy Systems Traditional Mixed Martial Arts of South Florida, USA is the one of the most sought after systems, highly recognized for its survivalist, realistic combat, high energy and explosive styles effective in any and all fight and self-defense circumstances.

Jean "Phoenix" Le Grand is also an extraordinary talent and visionary as an actor, director, writer, filmmaker and fight choreographer within the action film genre with his stunt team Team Legacy of South Florida, under his production company It’s Your Best Kept Secret Multi-Media Group, Inc. 

The Legacy Continues...

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